SKG Fitness Update

Each week during the Super Rugby Pacific season, we'll be providing an SKG Fitness Update. This week, we learn more about Issak Fines-Leleiwasa's injury.

Issak Fines-Leleiwasa will, unfortunately, miss the remainder of the Super Rugby Pacific season due to a foot injury sustained against the Crusaders in Round 12.

His left foot was landed on in the game causing a sprain to his midfoot arch. An MRI the next day at SKG showed an injury to his Lisfranc ligament and cuneiform bones.

The three cuneiform bones (medial, intermediate, and lateral) along with the cuboid make up the transverse arch of the foot. When twisted or compressed with excessive force the ligaments that hold these bones together can be disrupted.

Issak had a follow-up CT scan to further assess the bones. He also had a weight-bearing X-Ray to see if the ligaments had lost any tension when placed under stress. These indicated that Issak would not need surgery and could aim for a full return to training between 2-3 months post-injury.

We wish Issak the best in his recovery and can't wait to see him back out in Super Rugby action!