SKG Fitness Update

Each week during the Super Rugby Pacific season, we'll be providing an SKG Fitness Update. This week, we learn more about Kane Koteka's recent injury.

Koteka had successful surgery on Wednesday to repair the Lisfranc joint in his right foot after sustaining the injury against the Blues in a tackle.

The Lisfranc ligament complex stabilises the arch of the foot. It runs between the base of the metatarsals and tarsals at the instep of the foot.

It is most often injured when the foot is planted and the heel is landed upon from behind. This causes the foot to be compressed between the heel and big toe.

Kane wore a moon boot and used crutches to offload his foot post-game. He went for a weight-bearing X-Ray and an MRI at SKG the next day.

The MRI identified a torn Lisfranc ligament and the weight-bearing X-Ray showed separation of the bones of the arch of the foot under load.

In a rugby player, this often does not heal to full stability without surgery, so the decision was made for Koteka to undergo surgery.

We wish Kane the best for his recovery!